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Contractor Management Database Solutions

*ISNetworld® provides an online contractor management database that collects health, safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information designed to meet governmental record keeping and Owner Client requirements. Through its Review and Verification Services (RAVS®), ISN’s subject matter experts review and verify contractors’ self-reported information. Contractors also use ISNetworld® to manage internal training and record keeping requirements.

Ensuring proper conformance and maintaining up-to-date information is essential, and ISNetworld® assists with your Owner Client’s reporting requirements.

  • Efficient and standardized way to meet Owner Client requirements
  • Marketing and exposure to Owner Clients
  • Improve internal safety and information systems
    – Written safety programs are audited by safety professionals
    – Track individual level data
    – Ability to track individual training and qualifications
    – Manage company personnel

 ISNETWORLD® Submission Requirement Assistance:

  • Establish your ISNetworld® account using a temporary login       and password allowing you to change the password at the           end of our consulting engagement
  • Post all of your personnel and company data                                    into ISNetworld®
  • Convert your existing safety programs (or develop these) to          meet ISNetworld® RAVS® standards
  • Help set up your In-House Training Programs for T-RAVS™
  • Assist in compiling your Questionnaire data and completing it
  • Establish Training Manager and demonstrate how to make it work for your company
  • Order your first Operator Qualification (OQ) Reports® on your assigned employees
  • Set up automatic OQ Reports®
  • Monitor your site in the future for new or updated requirements

 Leading *ISNetworld® Compliance Consulting Firm

CMI is an industry-leading ISNetworld® compliance consulting firm offering assistance to companies needing acceptance by ISNetworld® to provide their services to registered clients. CMI will work with your firm to obtain the highest rating possible for your services within the requirements of ISNetworld®. CMI will assist you to obtain Owner Clients’ acceptance and approval by providing:

  • Partial or 100% assistance of your general Management System Questionnaire (MSQ™), USA MSQ™, and Owner/Client MSQ™
  • Safety Programs that meet the ISNetworld® Review and Verification System (RAVS®) standards
  • Required safety training needed for acceptance
  • Review and submittal of OSHA 300 Logs, EMR certificates and insurance documentation

In some instances, your existing clients will require registering with ISNetworld® as a condition of providing services to them.  Other times, you may want to be pro-active in registering with this service in order to obtain business and market your services with ISNetworld® companies. In either case, it can be an intimidating and overwhelming process to answer MSQs™, provide safety programs that meet RAVS® standards, and comply with the document submittal requirements.

Compliance Management International, Inc. is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.  *ISNetworld is a registered trademark of ISN Software Corporation.

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