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Compliance Tracking Solutions

CMI’s EHS compliance tracking software, ComplianceTrax®, allows you to monitor all of your regulatory reporting requirements and due dates across multiple diverse facilities in one web-based system. Once all of your important requirements (e.g., Tier II reports, air permit monitoring conditions, etc.) are entered, the system sends email reminders to facility personnel to ensure that they are completed on time. As each item is completed by the facility, the system notified key parties and can also act as a filing cabinet for key reports and submissions. Intuitive dashboards allow for a quick evaluation of each facility’s compliance status as well as corporate-wide environmental reporting metrics. This unique EHS compliance tracking system provides corporate personnel with an easy method of remotely monitoring compliance, while providing facility personnel with quick and easy guidance as to what is due when.

Corporate Wide Compliance Monitoring System

  • Consistent data input and retrieval
  • Simple to set up, maintain, and update
  • Quality control at corporate level
  • Immediate access to real time data
  • Implementation at existing and new locations without system compatibility issues
  • Secure access to compliance activities and documentation

Easy To Use Features

Since the compliance tracking system is web-based, it can easily and cost effectively be expanded to as many locations and workstations as required and is accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity. Access to the web-based system requires a password-protected login for confidentiality. Specific features of ComplianceTrax® include:


  • Ease of intutitive website navigation
  • Established report listings: Standard report listings are for items “Completed,” “Not Completed,” “Due in 90 Days,” “Due in 60 Days,” “Due in 30 Days,” and “Past Due.”
  • Capable of resetting all necessary action items after a defined time period to reflect future requirements; notification will be sent to affected facilities of any such changes incorporated into the compliance tracking system.
  • Regulatory Alert Notifications are sent when important updates are made to ComplianceTrax®.

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